Modern Lifestyle Diseases

Also called diseases of longevity or civilization have appeared to increase due modernization which has boosted the whole system impressively but in turn has bloomed multiple health problems on man’s Mental, Emotional and Physical state. Homeopathy has different approach in diagnosing, classifying, and treating modern lifestyle diseases based on each individual, treating the root cause and stimulating the body’s defense mechanisms.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

These are some of the selected past cases of this department, we have displayed before and after images of different cases. You can drag the vertical bar or click on the image to see the complete picture.

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Diabetic Foot


Non Healing Wound


Non Healing Wound


Inflamed Varicose Veins



Myself Mr. Ramakant Kurulkar was suffering from Diabetes mel since last couple of years. I have consulted to physician and he prescribed me anti- diabetics which would control my sugar levels, I consulted in Shri Ram homeopathy clinic. Sir took case and gave me medicines which give effects in few days and sugar level came under control. My sugar is under control even without medicines only with diet and regimen. Now I am completely cured with homeopathic medicines. I am thankful to homeopathy and Dr. Hiralal Agarwal Sir.

Mr. Ramakant Kurulkar Kasaba • Solapur

Myself Mast. Deokar was suffering from warts on body. I have consulted to dermatologist, he advised me ointments and cautery[removal] of warts. I went through the procedure but after removal new warts are coming. Then I consulted to Dr. Agarwal sir , sir took case and gave me medications, with homeopathic medicines growth of warts stopped first and new eruption also stopped . I am thankful to homeopathy and sir. Now I am totally free from warts.

Mr. Deokar Akluj • Solapur

Myself Mrs Dipali Deshpande was suffering from Lt. shoulder pain with difficulty in raising the arm. I have consulted orthopedic surgeon and taken treatment but of little use and pain was better only after painkillers. Then I consulted to Dr. Agarwal sir , sir took case and gave me medication. USG and X-ray suggestive of Bursitis and Lt supraspinatous Tendinitis, which get completely cured with homeopathic medicines in short span. I am thankful to homeopathy and sir.

Mrs. Dipali Deshpande Mohol • Solapur